Maggie Mae


Maggie the Pup

Tragedy struck the Freedom Rolling family when we lost our beloved pit bull, Maggie Mae. Maggie was always a part of our extended family, first owned by Freedom Rolling host Velvet's parents just after birth. She always enjoyed the company of Will and Velvet, even so far as giving "yellow greetings" when Will came to visit. One day in 2019, ironically during one of Will's and Velvet's road trips, they found out that the family was moving and couldn't keep the dog. Rather than rolling the dice with unknown dog parents, Will and Velvet chose to adopt the pup on their own.

Will Velvet and Maggie

Maggie was immediately welcomed with open arms. From walks and rides around the neighborhood and hardware store, to simply receiving love at home, Will and Velvet strived to give her the best life possible, despite the connection to the original owners no longer being there. Sadly, her health had began to deteriorate, both physically and emotionally from losing her original dog dad before moving. Everything was tried to help heal her, even companionship in Freedom Rolling canine member Miles. Nothing seemed to help, and the Freedom Rolling family had to make the difficult decision, prior to going completely full-time, to eliminate Maggie's suffering and allow her the change to be reunited with her original dog dad.

Maggie and Miles the Pups

Even as the Freedom Rolling family continues their adventure, not a day goes by that we don't miss our beloved Maggie Mae. Both we, and you our gracious viewers, have come to love her, and this tribute will help to honor her memory forever. Those who wish to donate in Maggie's memory should send to The Bryan and Amanda Bickell Foundation, which advocates for the welfare of the "pit bull" classification of dogs, as well as assists those less fortunate with these incredibly lovable companions.

Maggie the Pup

Maggie the Pup

Maggie and Miles

Maggie Mae 2014-2021

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