About Us

Just Who Are Your Hosts?

Will and Velvet met way back in 2013, almost by accident. One night, they found themselves on a mutual friend's Facebook page trolling each other. Needless to say, it was not love at first type. Then, Will found himself accidentally friending Velvet, not realizing it was one of those friend recommendations. Eventually they started talking with each other, one thing led to another, and they are a happily wed couple!

Your Hosts

Our pup traveling with us is a chihuahua, pug, and terrier mix, Miles. Will and Velvet adopted him shortly after Trip 1 in 2021 as a baby. The name "Miles" came from the family, in honor of the number of miles that we travel on our adventure, with inspiration from a video game character.

Miles the Pup

Our Beloved Pup, Maggie

Maggie the Pup

Prior to this adventure, Will spent several years in Software Engineering, while Velvet spent her time in the Retail sector, with each taking their turn playing homemaker. They did their best to make time to travel the country when they could, visiting 45 states over the course of their relationship. However, as much as they wanted to pack it all up and live on the road, the daily grind, and its location requirements, kept them grounded. Fast-forward to 2021, and everything started to align, giving Will and Velvet the chance to realize their dream!

What Sort of Equipment Do We Have?

The trailer is the heart of Full-Time RVing. We own a 2013 Keystone Cougar 318SAB fifth wheel. This is a moderately-sized RV with three slides that helps us to feel like we're at home. The process for acquiring it was a bit arduous and there was a little work needed, but it's certainly home for us.

The trailer is good for home, but it can't go anywhere on its own. Enter the soul of Full-Time RVing, the pick-up truck. With our fifth wheel comes a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins diesel engine and enough towing capacity to haul our home. The truck has needed quite a bit of work, but is still less expensive in the long run than a newer model that very well could have had the same problems.

We have a trailer. We have a truck. We need a way to document this adventure for all of you to see. Along with the blog posts here, we've also includes photos and videos on our social media pages. We use a simple cell phone camera. We've experimented with some Bluetooth earpieces for microphones. Some were successful, while some were not. The on-board microphone is available in a pinch, though we try to get the sound quality a bit better.

Have We Used Any Other Equipment?

Our first trailer was a 2009 Jayco Jay Flight 19BH. It was a modest start to get ourselves accustomed to our new lifestyle. We were able to acquire one in fairly good shape for a steal of a price, but alas, it was very small for our needs and developed some basic mechanical issues, so we had to trade it in at the end of Trip 14. Shout-out to Ted and Greg at Great Outdoors RV for hooking us up with what served us well for over two years.

The Trailer

Our first soul, in the form of a pick-up truck, was a 2010 Ford F150 XLT. It was able to get us where we needed to go, but was barely able to pull our 2009 Jayco, even with electric brakes and a hitch mount added. It was sold while parked during Trip 11 where we understand it had suspension issues. Shout-out to Chris at Auction Direct USA for helping us to secure this truck at a reasonable price.

The Truck

What's with the whole "Follow Your Internal Compass"?

It is very simple why this tag line stuck. We are finally doing what our hearts have been wanting us to do. So, we consider the heart the compass of our body and soul. We also need a compass in traveling to know where we are going. It just works, and we feel that everyone should follow their heart.

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