Trips Taken

Trip 0: Shakedown
Trip 1: Our First Adventure
Trip 2: Boondocking
Trip 3: On the Move
Trip 4: Flexibility for Avoidance
Trip 5: Hau!
Trip 6: The Migration Begins
Trip 7: Detour in the Forecast
Trip 8: Light in the Dark Night
Trip 9: Door Closed, Window Open
Trip 10: Dusting Off the Cobwebs
Trip 11: A Place on Midgard
Trip 12: Sweet Smellin' Wavin' Wheat
Trip 13: Tap, Tap, Tap, There's No Place Like Home
Trip 14: And the Deer and the Antelope Play
Trip 15: Five, Count em, Five Wheels
Trip 16: When It Rains, It Floods
Trip 17: Sweet Home Again
Trip 18: Going Southeast to North from Due West
Trip 19: A New Soul
Trip 20: Taking No Trip for Granite
Trip 21: What Started as Overnight...

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