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Welcome back to Freedom Rolling's Brew Review, as we sample three different beers from across this great nation and give our take on what they have to offer. As with all of the Brew Reviews, please ensure that these, or any beers, are enjoyed in accordance with local laws wherever you may be.

Take a trip with us to the Three Notch'd Brewing Company in Charlottesville, Virginia for their 40 Mile IPA. Brought to you in a wonderful golden color, the immediate scent and first sip of this particular brew is the American-grown hops we've all come to know and love with the West Coast version of this style. The amount of hops isn't as heavy as some other IPAs, whether single, double, or imperial, as this beer is given a refreshing balance to relax the palette between sips. This was recommended to us by a local connoisseur, and we can understand why it's so popular, as it's one of the better IPAs we have had in the Brew Review series.

Shooting down to Charleston, South Carolina, we go to the Cooper River Brewing Company for their orange-infused blonde ale. The first scent makes the oranges very clear, as the entire fruit is used in the creation. However, the lack of a foam head coupled with the fruit would make someone think it was a cider. Aside from the overpowering taste of oranges, there really isn't much of anything else to this particular brew. Although it isn't so bad for a foray into outdoor grilling, there are plenty of other better choices to enjoy.

We head back to Charlottesville and the Three Notch'd Brewing Company for another one of their IPAs, this time the "Minute Man". This particular brew a little more of an orange-ish color, along with the scent of hops, you also smell what seems to be the zest of an orange. Upon first sip, the flavor of the orange, which seems more like the powdered drink style than the juice, seems to overpower the taste of hops that you would expect from an India Pale Ale. Hops lovers will find themselves disappointed, but the drinker that is just starting to get themselves into this style will find it to be an appropriate education, as they'll be eased into the familiar after-taste of the hops so they know what to expect when experiencing other IPAs.

So until the next time we review more beers in the country, be sure to Follow Your Internal Compass.

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